Beaver Dam Lake Dam, USA: Increase in spillway discharge capacity

Our first installation in the State of New York has been successfully completed at Beaver Dam Lake located on the tributary of Moodna Creek near Salisbury Mills.

Beaver Dam, formerly known as Salisbury Mills Dam, serves mainly for recreation purposes.

The dam, owned by the Orange County, is an approximately 35-ft high and 335-ft wide embankment equipped with a free overflow masonry spillway sill.

The sill is divided into two sections by an 8.5-ft wide stepped brick pier. The left and right spillway sections are 34-ft and 39-ft wide, respectively.

The rehabilitation works involved the installation of four 8.50 ft high straight crested pre-cast concrete Fusegates on a new 81.50 ft wide spillway in order to double the spillway discharge capacity of the dam, thus allowing the Probable Maximum Flood to safely stay below the Maximum Water Level.

The Fusegate System allows maintaining the normal pool level while offering a robust, reliable, and low-maintenance solution.

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