Boukhroufa Dam, Algeria: Increasing reservoir storage capacity

Located at the North East part of Algeria the Boukhroufa dam is under construction. It is an important part of the Algerian dam water supply network, managed by the Agence Nationale des Barrage et des Transferts (ANBT).

The Fusegate® System was the cost-effective solution chosen by the ANBT to increase the reservoir storage capacity by 21% (+17 000 000 m³).

The Fusegate® solution consists of 8 Labyrinth Fusegates® 4.50 m height installed on the 40 m wide free spillway of Boukhroufa Dam.

The application of Fusegates® offered a reliable and cost effective solution to increase reservoir capacity of the dam with a non-mechanical, completely self-operating spillway control system which requires neither additional source of power nor human intervention to operate and minimal maintenance.