Canton Dam (USA) : the tallest Fusegate® new world record

The construction of 32 ft high Fusegates has just been completed at the Corps of Engineers’ Canton dam in Oklahoma. The standing record for the largest Fusegates that belongs to the Australian renewable energy company Snowy Hydro’s Jindabyne Dam (25 ft) since 2007 is now history.

Canton Dam is located on the North Canadian river, approximately 75 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is composed of an earth filled embankment, 15,140 ft in length with a maximum height of 68 ft above streambed. The dam includes a 778 ft wide service spillway at the right abutment with 16 tainter gates.

In order to remediate the spillway inadequacy problem, the Corps of Engineers has decided to construct a 480 ft wide auxiliary spillway at the right abutment. For the spillway control system, seven alternatives were mainly studied; three with tainter gates and four with Hydroplus® Fusegates. The Fusegate® alternative was chosen due to its reliability in operation, minimum maintenance requirements, longer life expectancy and lower project costs.

Nine semi-labyrinth concrete Fusegates, with a weight of 800 tons per unit, were cast in place on the new auxiliary spillway sill.

The inlet wells made in stainless steel are gathered within a protective enclosure (called the wet well tower) consisting of an intake monolith and a conduit to convey water. Pipes embedded in the concrete sill connect individually the intake wells to the base chamber of Fusegates. This configuration was key to diminishing the impacts of wave action, wind set-up and floating debris.s.