Dipotamos-Aisimi Dam, Greece: Increasing the reservoir storage capacity

Dipotamos-Aisimi Dam is located near Alexandroupolis, in the North east part of Greece. The dam’s reservoir is used for the water supply of Alexandroupolis and the surrounding areas.

The Fusegates® solution consists of 5 Labyrinth (Double Wave) Fusegates with a height of 1.60m, which will be set on the spillway crest without any modification of the ogee curve and without changing the design parameters of the dam. The installation of the Fusegate® System in the dam spillway will increase the reservoir capacity by 14%.

The provided additional water due to the increased capacity will be used by the dam owner, the Municipal Water and Sewerage Enterprise of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, for the expansion of the water supply network into the near territories.

Fusegates® reliable and cost effective solution provided the increased reservoir capacity without changing environmental footprint of the dam.