Video on Dipotamos Dam, Alexandroupolis, Greece

Our video about Dipotamos Dam in Alexandroupolis, Greece is uploaded on our Vimeo Channel! Watch the video to discover the project!

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The existing reservoir storage capacity was increased by 14% (1.7 hm3) with the installation of 5 Labyrinth-type Fusegates®, optimizing the existing water supply dam infrastructure, increasing its capacity to retain water, without increasing its environmental footprint, while at the same time increasing the safety in the case of floods.

The additional storage capacity of the dam is giving the opportunity to the dam owner (Municipal Water and Sewerage Enterprise of Alexandroupolis) to provide more water through its network to more than 85,000 residents of the city of Alexandroupolis and to its neighboring areas, while as well to design and implement the extension of the water supply network to the eastern side of the Municipality. At the same time, it addresses, the impacts of climate change, with intense rainfalls and prolonged periods of drought, as well as the high risk of salinization of the coastal aquifers due to intense groundwater pumping, leading also to high energy costs.

Fusegates® is an innovative system that increases the storage capacity and safety of dams, while the additional water can also be used for hydropower energy production, in case of a hydropower project.

It consists of independent free-standing elements, set on the crest of the spillway, side by side, creating an additional watertight barrier, which allows increasing the reservoir capacity of the dam.

For more information about the Fusegates® System please see or contact us.

We are always happy to provide viable, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to assist local communities to develop further.

Our warmest thanks to all the people who worked on the project and especially to the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, to the Municipal Water and Sewerage Enterprise of Alexandroupolis and to Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean.


(video created in cooperation with Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean (GWP-Med))