Protecting people, properties and infrastructure agiants river floods

Classical fusegates enable exceptional floods of rivers to be deflected towards retention basins to protect the population and infrastructures downstream against flooding.

Flood prevention

Classical fusegates are arranged along the river dike and form a tight barrier while the river level is lower than the fusegate crest. In the event of moderate flooding, the water level in the river rises without reaching the level of the well, and part of the flood is discharged to the retention basin by flowing over the fusegates without causing tilting. When in major floods the river level reaches the top of the well, the modules tilt one after the other, as the water rises, thus discharging a greater portion of the river flow to the retention basin.

Examples of application in protection against flooding:

- Allan Dike in Montbéliard (France)
- Dong Feng lake dike (China)
Allan Dyke
Dong Feng Dyke