Extending the lifespan of a silted reservoir dam

The Hydroplus fusegate systems enable the useful life of dams that have lost their storage capacity due to sedimentation to be quickly and effectively extended, without deteriorating, or even improving, the safety of the dams in the event of extreme flooding.

A rapid and effective response to the loss of storage of silted reservoirs

In the long term, the natural erosion of sediments leads to the silting of reservoir dams, some of which have lost most or all of their storage capacity.

By mobilising a significant portion of the unused storage volume, between the threshold level (Normal Level) and the maximum level (Highest Water Level, HWL) the installation of Hydroplus® fusegates makes it possible to delay the need to dredge the reservoir or to build new dams, both of which are expensive and delicate in terms of environmental impact.

In the case of eutrophic water reservoirs, the Hydroliennes® can also enable solid matter to be degraded faster and the volume of sediment to be reduced.

Storage capacity increase of the El Ghrib dam - Algeria

The installation of twenty 4.5m high labyrinth type classical fusegates and 2 valves has enabled the recovery of 70 million m3 of storage capacity (44% of the original capacity) of the El Ghrib reservoir dam, a major structure intended for the irrigation of the Mitidja plain in Algeria, whose capacity was greatly reduced due to silting.

El Ghrib dam