Our Values

SAFETY We believe that nothing is inevitable. We take every step possible to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is guaranteed on our worksites. Ours is a zero-accident culture.

EXCELLENCE Listening to our clients and stakeholders and with a constant drive to satisfy them, our people strive to promote excellence, from the simplest to the most technical of tasks, in the design and construction of major projects that provide lasting improvements to the quality of life of communities.

PROJECT FOCUS Projects are our foremost focus and our organization is centred around them. At all times the women and men of all departments within the company engage in providing their skills for the benefit of the projects.

CULTURE OF PROFIT Our culture of global performance, profit and risk management is deeply rooted and is a guarantee of sustainability and fulfilment of our commitments to everyone in the long term.

COLLECTIVE MINDSET AND INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY Our people work as a team and in cooperation with each other. They are empowered with autonomy and given the necessary means to perform their tasks for transparency and loyalty in return.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION Our women and men are our most treasured wealth and their diversity drives our success. We are committed to fairly recognising and rewarding everyone’s contribution to our achievements and nurturing their personal and professional development.

INNOVATION Since each project is unique we use our know-how, inventiveness and technological expertise, creating tailor-made solutions to meet the very specific needs of our clients and end users.

SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Our women and men are highly conscious of their social responsibility in the regions where they operate, working ethically, respecting the human rights, caring for the common good and actively promoting environmentally responsible solutions.