Increasing dam safety against extreme floods

Hydroplus fusegate systems enable the safety of dams to be quickly and effectively increased in the event of extreme floods.

A growing need for ensuring dam safety

Given the many flood-related accidents that have occurred, where floods were not able to be properly discharged by the existing spillways, leading to the breaking of the dam in some cases, scientific committees frequently recommend that the dam sizing floods be reassessed. Better knowledge of the statistical series, the tightening of regulations and the finding that rainfall intensity is worsening due to climate change, often lead to the need to very significantly increase the capacity of the flood drainage device.

By increasing the effective height of the spillway without losing storage capacity, the installation of Hydroplus® fusegates allows a significant increase in the capacity of the spillway.

Some references of increased discharge capacity:

- Black Rock dam (USA): capacity multiplied by 12
- Little Para dam (Australia): capacity multiplied by 5
- Shongweni dam (South Africa): capacity multiplied by 4
Black Rock dam
Little Para dam
Shongweni dam